We always love hearing from our puppy families with updates and pictures. Here are a few we would like to share with you!

I have included a picture of Cedar with our old 13 1/2 year old Lab, just taken yesterday, as well as some other shots. They have been called many things together, Age and Beauty, Salt and Pepper, Yin and Yang, but what they share in common is their sweet natures.  

Thanks again for our beautiful new family member.  We adore her.

B & N Dean


B & N Dean

Hi Dave and Ashleigh

Maggie is thriving, growing so fast and incredibly smart and well behaved.  She is fully house broken, rings the bells when she wants out.  She's a star at puppy class and gets along with all the dogs.  We get so many compliments on how beautiful she is. Her coat is so shiny, I'm guessing it's got a lot to do with the food.  One question, at what age do you start transitioning your dogs to the all stages food from the puppy food?  I see that 4 Strong Paws recommends around 4-4 1/2 months. 




This is Riley 7 months. We are very happy with him.



Adam & Debbie

Our Golden Girls

We are the very happy owners of 2 of the most beautiful, loving, intelligent, and calm golden retriever’s. We purchased our first retriever from Ashleigh and Dave in 2015. We were so very impressed with the temperament of their puppies, and their parents. Willow constantly receives compliments on how beautiful she is. Olive is our other female. We couldn’t help but buy another gorgeous golden girl from Ashleigh and Dave. Olive is already house trained at 4.5 months old, and never required a crate to train her. Olive is such a gorgeous girl and also receives ample compliments and love.  


Ashleigh and Dave truly love their dogs, and it shows just how much when we brought both of our puppies home. I wouldn’t want a golden retriever from any other breeder. Our girls complete our family. Our girls love our 4 children, and unlike some retrievers, our girls are calm and suck up all the love they can get from our family.


Thank you again Ashleigh and Dave for 2 of the most gorgeous golden retriever girls. Our family wouldn’t be the same without them.  


Our Golden Girls



Bailey at the beach. She likes going there alot, still shy about getting her feet wet! She is such a smart and inquisitive puppy, getting bigger by the day it seem. Thank you again for our girl  




A growing, happy family with their Lonestar Retriever addition! 


A Growing Family

Hi Dave!

Nice to hear from you! Our puppy girl is AMBER. We love her dearly! She is so sweet! Will email you the picture now:). Thanks a lot!

All the best!


New Puppy


Hi Ashley and Dave,

It was so nice to meet you both today! We absolutely love our new pup! We were looking for a golden pup, and when we saw Phillipa and Collin at soccer one night with the most perfect little pup, we had to go up to them and ask who their breeder was. So happy we did! 

Looking forward to seeing you (and our pup!) in a couple of weeks! 

Many thanks

New Puppy

Susan, Paul, Alex & Taylor


"Duke is an amazing member of our family. His temperament is perfect. He is great with other animals and my grandchildren. He has also become best friends with my youngest grandchild who is 3.  WE love him so much we are going to be getting him a new friend in the new year, which just so happens to be from Dukes Mother. Thank you Lone Star for our amazing fur-ever friend. "




Vickey & Duke